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COVID-19 Update

On March 30, 2020, a decision was made to cancel all in-person group treatment sessions provided by Blue Ridge Counseling, as a result of the stay at home order issued by Governor Ralph Northam. We are offering telehealth services until it is safe to resume face-to-face appointments. Please contact us at 540-639-9040, or by email at for additional information.

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Blue Ridge Counseling is a private practice outpatient emotional wellness clinic. Regular office hours are by appointment only, Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm. We have some weekend and evening hours.
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Please call 540-639-9040 during our office hours. Confidential voice mail is available, and you may leave a message. Or, download our referral form. [MSWord] [pdf file]
About the Clinician
Dr. Keith E. FenderDr. Keith E. Fender is the President and Clinical Director of Radford Counseling and Blue Ridge Counseling. Dr. Fender received a BSW in 1993, an MSW in 1996 and a PhD in 2000. He is currently a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Certified Sex Offender Treatment Provider, Clinically Certified Domestic Violence Counselor, and a Diplomate of the Board of the National Association of Forensic Counselors. He is a clinical member of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA).

He has qualified as an expert witness in the state of Virginia and North Carolina in forensic mental health cases involving violent offenders, sexual offenders, and issues regarding parental capacity. He has served as an expert witness on behalf of the Office of the Attorney General for Virginia, the Virginia Department of Corrections, and Federal Probation in the Western District of Virginia, as well as numerous private attorneys throughout the state of Virginia in Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, Circuit Court, and Federal Court. He has served as a consultant and provided professional services for attorney's, clients, and individuals in Virginia, California, North Carolina, Maryland, Utah, Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

Dr. Fender has consulted with law enforcement at the local, state, and federal levels on criminal investigations involving violent offenses, sexual offenses, and managing violent offenders and sexual offenders in the community post incarceration. He has provided law enforcement training in various capacities including the Sex Crimes School at the Cardinal Police Academy.

Dr. Fender opened Blue Ridge Counseling in 1996 and has treated a wide range of psychiatric disorders including mood disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, cognitive disorders, personality disorders, and sexual disorders. He has operated batterer intervention programs in southwest Virginia since 1996 and the programs have been certified since 2000. He served as the Chair of the Virginia Batterer Intervention Certification Board for approximately ten years and is currently the Executive Secretary.

His other specialty areas include: forensic mental health, geriatric mental health, violence risk assessment, sex offender evaluations/treatment, and batterer intervention treatment programs. He has completed over 3000 domestic violence risk assessments since 1996. He is currently responsible for the operation of certified batterer intervention programs throughout Central and Southwest Virginia.

He has served his local community as a member of numerous domestic violence fatality review teams as well as domestic violence task forces throughout southwest Virginia. He has served at the state level on various boards to advance victim safety as well as appropriate treatment responses for domestic violence offenders including work with the Office of the Executive Secretary of the Supreme Court of Virginia and frequent speaking engagements such as the Annual Judicial Conference in Virginia. He has served at the national level as a speaker and consultant to other states in their efforts to develop and implement treatment programs.

Dr. Fender taught at both the undergraduate and graduate levels at Radford University from 1998-2008 and he continues to serve as a guest lecturer in Criminal Justice and Social Work. He is currently assisting in several research initiatives aimed at improving intervention for violent offenders and sexual offenders. He has served on the Ferrum College Social Work Board for approximately ten years.

Dr. Fender started The Radford Counseling Group in 2000 as a specialty forensic mental health practice. The practice has locations in Radford, Virginia and Roanoke, Virginia, and serves central and southwest Virginia via satellite office locations throughout the commonwealth by way of public/private partnerships. Radford Counseling is currently contracted with the Virginia Department of Corrections, the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice, and Federal Probation and Parole Districts throughout the state to provide substance abuse counseling services, psychosexual evaluations/risk assessments, individual sex offender treatment, and group sex offender treatment programs. He currently oversees the treatment of approximately 250 individuals in outpatient treatment.

  Domestic Violence Alternatives Program
The program serves the New River Valley from our office in Radford. Contact us by telephone at
540-639-9040 or email us at
You may also download our referral form. [MSWord] [pdf file]
Domestic Violence Alternatives Program (DVAP) goals are:
Assist individuals in ending physical, verbal, and emotional abuse.
Provide individuals an opportunity to learn non-threatening ways to resolve conflict.
Provide opportunities for the individuals to build healthy relationships.
Intake and Assessment
Assess mental illness such as depression, anxiety disorders, etc.
Assess alcohol/substance abuse.
Assess specific risk factors for future violence.
Provide comprehensive risk assessment treatment plans, recommendations, monthly progress reports and final report to referral source.
Fee Schedule
Men's and Women's groups are $30 per session. Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance is accepted.
DVAP Therapy Group
Intervention is provided in small men-only or women-only group sessions that address:
Identification of the cycle of violence.  
Power and control relationship issues.   Blue Ridge Counseling's
Domestic Violence Alternatives Program was selected as the only Certified program in Southwest Virginia.

This endorsement recognizes our clinical expertise and commitment to violence intervention.
Risk factors in domestic violence.
Effects and consequences of domestic violence on children, family and community.
Alcohol and drug education.
Communication skills.
Parenting skills and parent role modeling.
Alternatives to violence.
Anger management skills.  
Referrals to the Domestic Violence Alternatives Program
Individuals charged with domestic violence offenses, stalking, child abuse/neglect, or other family/intimate partner violence. Self-referrals and employment referrals to DVAP are welcome. For additional information or to make a referral, please call 540-639-9040.
Or, download our referral form. [MSWord] [pdf file]
Individuals charged with non-domestic assault/assault & battery, curse & abuse, road rage, intimidation, harassment, and destruction of property should be referred to the Anger Management Program.
There are always alternatives to abuse.
This program assists individuals in identifying and breaking the cycle of abuse.
  Anger Management Program
The program serves the New River Valley from our office in Radford. Contact us by phone at
540-639-9040 or email us at
You may also download our referral form. [MSWord] [pdf file]
Participants will learn:
Definitions of anger.
How to change errors in thinking that lead to anger.
Consequences of anger on self, family and community.
Motivation for change.
Individual anger response styles.
Communication skills.
Problem solving skills.
Anger management skills.
Developing a healthy lifestyle.
How feeling like a victim keeps us angry and prevents positive change in our lives.
Program Description
Participants have two options.
Six 1-½ hour sessions meeting weekly. (Cost - $30 per session)
  - or -
One 8 hour session, on Saturday to accommodate difficult work schedules. (Cost - $180)
Individuals charged with non-domestic assault/assault & battery, curse & abuse, road rage, intimidation, harassment, and destruction of property. Self-referrals and employment referrals are welcome. For additional information or to make a referral, please call 540-639-9040. You may also download our referral form. [MSWord] [pdf file]
Individuals charged with domestic violence, domestic assault, intimate partner violence or child abuse/neglect should be referred to the Domestic Violence Alternative Program.

Virginia Law Foundation Continuing Legal Education Author 2018

Virginia Law Foundation Continuing Legal Education Faculty 2018


Dr. Fender has my highest recommendation as a trusted consultant, expert witness, and therapist in the most complicated domestic relations cases. My clients have benefited from his involvement in every case in which I have sought his assistance. His expertise in anger management, sexual abuse issues, and family dynamics have been invaluable to me in my domestic relations practice.

David G. Weaver
Weaver Law Firm, P.C. 114 Mountain Ave., S.W. Roanoke, VA 24016

I am more than happy to endorse your services and recommend you to other professionals. I referred to you a young man who was charged with a number of felony counts of child pornography. You met with him, tested him, and determined that my client was a good person who had gotten into trouble as he explored sexual material on the Internet. Your very extensive and thorough report gave comfort to the prosecutor as we reached an agreement for a misdemeanor, a little jail time, and no listing on the sex offender register.

In summary, you were instrumental in giving my client back his life. Thank you very much for your service.

James R. Tate
Tate Bywater Fuller Mickelsen & Tull, PLC
Attorneys at Law
2740 Chain Bridge Road
Vienna, Virginia 22181
Office: 703-938-5100
Cell: 443-968-0249
Tate Bywater PLC is a Martindale-Hubbell(r) AV Preeminent(r) Peer Review Rated* Firm

Dr. Fender has proved to be a great asset in my cases. He is very thorough in his analysis and breaks down the data in a way easy to understand and present to the court. I recommend his services highly and will be using him again

Terry G. Kilgore
Kilgore Law Office
Gate City VA

My firm hired Dr. Fender in a case a few years back that involved false child molestation allegations. Dr. Fender completely turned my case around. He took the courtroom, including the prosecutor, by surprise. Dr. Fenderís ethics and integrity were easy to see. His testimony showed his vast knowledge of the subject and his simple explanations of how it all worked and why the defendant was absolutely not guilty were crystal clear. Dr. Fenderís testimony convinced everyone. He left the courtroom with the utmost respect of all present. I highly recommend Dr. Fender and would use him again in a New York minute.

Thomas W. Lawson
Lawson & Beasley, Attorneys at Law

In todayís world, cases involving accusations of sexual assault or domestic violence are without a doubt the toughest. When a client is accused of serious sexual crimes or being physically abusive, the modern-day lawyer more than ever needs to understand the scientific testing available to better understand the client; the attorney can no longer simply trust their own instincts when protecting their clientís interests.

I have been so lucky to have used Dr. Keith Fender in a variety of legal scenarios. Here are a few examples:

Suffice it to say, allegations of sexual violence or domestic violence now demand that every attorney find a professional like Keith Fender to help better understand the needed legal strategy for the case. I canít recommend Dr. Fender enough to my colleagues.

Richard W. Davis, Jr., Esq.

I primarily refer criminal defense and domestic clients to Dr. Fender for Substance Abuse Assessments. When negotiating with prosecutors, favorable SAAs can be used to obtain a better plea deal if the offense involves drugs or alcohol. As elected officials, prosecutors are always concerned about accountability to their constituents. When the prosecutor has a copy of the favorable assessment in his file, he can use it to justify making a fair plea offer, one which may not otherwise be made.

If my custody and visitation clients are facing allegations of drug or alcohol abuse, a favorable SAA is an effective tool which I use to redirect the Courtís focus to other issues. To avoid hearsay objections I like to ask opposing counsel to stipulate admissibility. Typically the other side prefers to deal with a written report as opposed to Dr. Fenderís live expert testimony.

Dr. Fender enjoys a highly respected reputation with attorneys and judges in the 27th District. Although his favorable reports can be a great asset, obviously not all of his reports are favorable and are therefore not always used when I advocate for a better outcome. Over the years, my clients, colleagues and I have enjoyed working with Dr. Fender. He has my highest recommendation.

John Dalton

It is my extreme pleasure to write and enthusiastically endorse Dr. Keith Fender, PhD, LSCW as an expert in the field of psycho-sexual evaluations and as a provider of sexual offender treatments.

I have had the pleasure to work with Dr. Fender for many years in a variety of areas which includes willful possession of child pornography, allegations of chat room conversations between adults and minors, and sexual assault allegations.

Dr. Fender's evaluations are based on fact and science and consequently, he is respected by individuals on both sides of the courtroom demeanor only enhances has fact-based and scientific opinions. I would not hesitate to use his services whenever they are required.

Thank you for allowing me to submit this endorsement. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. With best regards, I am

Very truly yours,
Anthony Anderson